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Luna "Osram" Moon

Luna "Osram" Moon

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"Osram" means Patience and Understanding 



Tarnish free


The moon has different names depending on where you are in the world.

In Islam, the moon is often referred to as "qamar" in Arabic, which translates to "moon" in English. It's also associated with various names of Allah, such as "Al-Qamar" (The Moon) or "Al-Munir" (The Light).

Here are some names for the moon in African languages 

English: Moon, Selene, Luna

Swahili: Mwezi

Hausa: Wata

Yoruba: Osupa

Igbo: Mụọ

Amharic: ሰማይ (Səmay)

Xhosa: iQanda

Zulu: iNyanga

Somali: Qamar

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