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Africa History Earrings

Africa History Earrings

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Gold plated on Stainless steel


Gold plated Hooks for Maximum comfort in your Ear lobe


There is beauty in our pain and here is the history... 

The Berlin Conference, held from November 1884 to February 1885, was a meeting convened by European powers to regulate and coordinate their colonization and trade in Africa. Led by Otto von Bismarck, the conference aimed to prevent conflicts between European powers over African territories by establishing rules for the partition and occupation of the continent. During the conference, the European powers agreed to recognize each other's territorial claims in Africa and to establish guidelines for future colonization, leading to the arbitrary division of Africa into spheres of influence without regard for African ethnic or cultural boundaries. This colonization had significant and lasting impacts on Africa, including the exploitation of its resources, the imposition of colonial rule, and the disruption of indigenous societies and economies.

Despite this....STILL WE RISE!!!

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